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About TaxSlayer

Sometimes dealing with your tax returns is like encountering a monster, for which you feel you’re not fully equipped. But then there’s TaxSlayer, who comes in like Buffy so you can simply just sit back and relax. The TaxSlayer service isn’t young, though, as it’s been around for more than 50 years. 

The goal of TaxSlayer is to make the tax process as easy and frustration-free as possible. This is why they offer a 3-step assistance process for free. You just log in to your account, enter the info that TaxSlayer asks for, and then you just relax. TaxSlayer does the rest. They’ll then tell you when the IRS has acceptred your tax return. 

This is a free process for both federal and state tax returns, and it’s suitable for simple returns. It also covers student loan interest deduction and education credits so you can maximize your refund. You also get unlimited support through email and phone, so you can talk to a real person when you have questions or problems. 

Switching from your previous tax service is not a problem, as you just need to upload your previous tax return. TaxSlayer imports the data for you, and their experts also provide year over year comparisons. That’s to make sure that you didn’t miss anything before you file. 

There are paid packages as well, though the prices for these options are very low. The Classic option covers all income types, so you won’t need to upgrade. It auto-fills your W-2 form with your last year’s info, if things haven’t changed. You’ll also get help with your IRS inquiries for an entire year after your tax return has been accepted. 

With the Premium package, you get 1-on-1 help with a tax professional. You get to the head of the line for phone and email support, plus you also have live chat for answers and help. TaxSlayer will also help you if you’re ever audited within the next 3 years after your tax return has been accepted. 

Even this premium package is quite affordable, as the price is perhaps equal to the cost of visiting a fast-food restaurant for a group of maybe 4 or 5 people. Their tax service is actually a lot like fast food—affordable, quick, and so very satisfying.

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